ZAS Mode is sourcing products through rationalizing the costs of production, time with maintaining product quality. A highly professional dedicated team is responsible to overseeing the supply chain to match the specific needs of the customer in a competitive price.


Producing products on time within the budget.

Our production principle is to deliver products on time within the budget. We quote the job by locating qualified factories fitting with the product development needs through negotiating the lowest possible price, tested the material for checking required composition, actively monitoring the quality control during production, inspected goods with the authorized team, and delivering the products on time.
Our production procedure includes:
• Appropriate factory selection correlating with the garments specification
• Competitive price Quotation
• Pre-production planning and sample approval
• Smart monitoring of each production phases
• Updating the status provided per customers’ requirements
• Guided the manufacturing factory on improved production processes
• Assuring compliance in production to run ethical operations
• Shortening lead time and maintaining shipping schedule


Quality without compromise

Our quality protocol has been developed following methods to assure high product quality without any compromise on raw material, during production and before dispatch of goods.
The quality assurance process includes:
• Meeting all the quality assurance requirements
• Verifying materials comprising compliance issues
• Proper auditing in the assembling to production process
• Using tested materials and check the chemical composition to the material used
• Monitoring the finishing and packaging process
• Checking and providing the article of the inspection report
• Providing on-site inspections by the ZAS Mode team


Innovative & trendy product wrapping.

We assist customer to ensure proper packaging to showcase the goods upon collecting approval through providing pre-production sample.


Sampling support where desired.

We do support full sampling approval process from fit sample to salesman sample to ensure the customers’ product meets with their precise requirements and is fit for use before going for the bulk production. A pre-production would also be supported using final materials, with appropriate packaging based on the specification of the customers.

Product Concept & design

Innovative ideas to move into concepts.

We facilitate to the established as well as starter businesses to support extended design, guide to use specific fabrics, embellishment works correlating with the concept and knowledge of materials and manufacturing techniques to a realistic and executable conceptualization of the customer product.

Fashionable and trendy design.

In the design phase we support to make the garments more fashionable and trendy with proposing appropriate color concept, stitching, accessories, printing, embellishment, trims & finishing processes to make the garments attractive and utilizing our manufacturing techniques to minimize cost.

Lead Time

Standard Lead Time

Through a smart production plan and synchronizing multiple processes in addition include multiple machines in parallel in the schedule we attempt to shorten production lead times.


From our door to customer warehouse.

We facilitate to handle all the logistics and services needed to deliver products from the factory to customers’ warehouse. Particularly from ocean or air shipping arrangements, customs clearance, duties, taxes and fees, keep updating customers and suppliers, tracking shipments, if needed including local transport delivery to reach the goods to the customer warehouse. If customer required the overall services then all the fees and costs associated with logistics services and customs management can be integrated in the quote.

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