ZAS MODE is a global sourcing unit accompanying with its own Textile and Garments Manufacturing unit named Dalas Fashions Ltd. and the verge of others diverse factories on the overall apparel sector concentrating knit, woven, sweater, denim products and shoes through manufacturing from Bangladesh, China & other South Asian countries with the best effective services at a lowest cost.

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The company’s head quarter is in Bangladesh represented by a marketing office in Sweden operated by the two Swedish Directors  there. A highly professional team managing the operations in Bangladesh with the support of the core backend technical and skilled workers.


Our services includes to facilitate on:
• Product concept and design,
• Product Sourcing,
• Sampling support
• Production monitoring
• Merchandising and price negotiation,
• Quality control,
• Supplier verification
• Inspection & ensuring shipment with the proper logistic supports.

Certifications & Audits

We’re well committed in meeting the manufacturing units standard certifications & norms during production and provide strong emphasis on pre-assessment audits on suppliers, as well as third-party audits if required.


An important part of the program is social compliance, meaning to ensure that our suppliers meet our requirements for working conditions, healthy and safe working environment in factories especially caution on child labor and exploitation of the workforce.

We ensure that our suppliers meet our requirements for working conditions and healthy and safe working environment in factories especially caution on child labor and exploitation of the workforce. Based on the BSCI, OEKO-TEX, WARP approach we make a “due diligence” assessment of our supply chain, mapping key risks in terms of geography, production processes and supplier characteristics and then design our supply chain management program based on that risk assessment, to channel efforts to where they have most impact.


We are facilitating our customers developing and supplying the following products.

Fashion Lifestyle
We support our customers keep up with the up to date design, predicting the consumers’ mood, behavior, buying pattern and habits through forecasting fashion trends at particular time of season which includes:
Season > Target Market > Consumer >Colors > Fabrics > Shape > Texture > Usage

Sportswear or activewear is a mix of fashion, comfort and fit which worn aiming functional and flexible bearing in mind health and safety reasons. It is important to choose the right outfit for the activity and the conditions the user performing it in. We support our customers identifying appropriate activewear cloths fabrics and its uniqueness focusing on both style, technical properties and comfort in strenuous physical activities.

Fitness Clothing
Offering our customers to add ourselves in your supply chain for developing your gym, yoga, running, lifting or living with a fashionable and comfortable workout to enhance your consumers’ performance and help them to be fitted and looked fabulous with their cozy and comfy outfits.

Essential Clothing
Your customers’ everyday wardrobe staples can be lifted up by ourselves implied for all seasons. Despite the cyclical trends in fashion, a closet built on a streamlined selection of items makes day-to-day dressing whether for work, for traveling or in leisure we could serve as an excellent primer.

Outdoor Clothing
Can be your partner for developing your customers every day wear with styling and emphasizing on comfort and relaxation, which gives freedom to allow any place for expressing their personal expressions over formality and conformity.

Appropriate working clothing make the difference the working day is comfort, ease of movement, build confidence to operate the work and practicality are important functions to consider without compromise. We facilitate to supply workwear clothing covers a huge range crafted from high quality and congenial materials to ensure style and durability for a long lasting using.

Corporate Clothing/Uniform
With the recent growth of the woven and textile industry in Bangladesh offering you to be equipped with us for your every possible challenge ahead in corporate wear and uniform for empowering your workforces so that you can aim higher together with us for achieving your best.

If you aspire to offer a cool and comfortable evenings for your customers at home with relax and appealing for a blissful look, our support could have been a good mix to create a wide range of fashion friendly sumptuous nightwear!





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