Zulfikar Ali Shikder



Branding of Made in Bangladesh is now well recognized and renowned to the world-class brands for decades due to the enormous growth of the apparel sector. Our investment in the apparel sector and the contribution of our skilled labor force made Bangladesh a preferred manufacturing destination which positioned ourselves as a top developing countries with the second fastest growing economy at a rate of 7.86% in the year 2018-2019 and it is expected to

be reached on 8% growth and track to log in the fastest economic growth in the Asia-Pacific region in the fiscal year 2019-20 forecasted by the Asian Development Bank. Being a US$ 30.61 billion healthier industry in the RMG (Ready Made Garments) sector which placed Bangladesh as the second largest readymade garment exporters in the world with the vision to cross the US $50 billion export by 2021. Accompanying our own textile and garments manufacturing unit Dalas Fashions Ltd. in Bangladesh in association with other diverse factories has enriched our capacity to provide manufacturing excellence and supply management with the best competencies. Through facilitating our congenial working atmosphere fulfilling with the required compliance, health and safety issues, ZAS Mode visualizing to be the most preferred manufacturer in apparel sourcing and supply management globally upon fulfilling expectations of our valued customers.

Hasan Imam Khan



Started carrier in USAID for working as a market promotion to the multi-sectoral development activities and strategic market analysis for international business development to have market access in the developed countries. Later that intended to be an entrepreneur which led to operating the manufacturing of the garments and doing businesses in the apparel sector. The manufacturers and suppliers who are in ZAS Mode supply chain that must complied and accredited

by the International Labor Organization (ILO) and participate actively in the Sustainable Apparel Coalition and the Ethical Trading Initiative in a combination of using energy efficient, environment-friendly, introducing advanced waste recycling and re-use solutions and in some extent using green technologies. We remain strategically committed to traceability and accountability throughout our entire services and we trust that we provide a balanced view not only of our customer-centric business model we also focused values at the sense of purpose, dedication and passion that drive all of us within ZAS Mode and would like to grow along with our customer’s growth.

Sven Andersson



Being experienced in the market promotion and operations of textile businesses and setting marketing and operation strategy particularly in retail marketing more than a decade seamlessly among projects of varying scale, customers, audience, format and distribution channel made me enthusiastic to lead the marketing, trend analysis, interacting and liaising with the customers and associated partners of this venture. We delightfully welcome the

existing and the newly developed businesses in the apparel sector of the EU and Nordic zone to avail our services and linking your production based in Bangladesh as a trustworthy supplying source in competitive prices. ZAS Mode encourages ethical trading initiatives with the prior concern on the environmental impact on the textile operations and meeting all the compliance on workers benefit, health and safety issues. We look forward to bringing you in our journey and ready to pursue our vision is associated with you to be the most regarded and preferred apparel supplying sources globally.

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